Multiple platforms (3G, 4G, WiFi) to allow switching to any network for a more extensive coverage.

One to One or One to All Call

Able to connect exclusive one to one or one to many instantly.

Image and Video Capability

Allow images and videos to be uploaded and transmitted.

Location Positioning and Tracking

Ability to track employees on the move.

Priority Call

In case of emergency, you can override all calls with Priority Call.

Video Live Feed

Capable to send “live” feeds to console and D’call IP Smart Terminals or Android Smartphones (using our App).


Our platform is secured with the latest encryptions to prevent unauthorised call interceptions and recordings.

One Stop Solution

We provide customers with a one stop solution that include our Virtual Trunk Multimedia Trunking System, IP Smart Terminal, Console, etc

Dispatch Console

Managing customer’s communication work system.

Client's Apps

Customers can incorporate multiple apps into our D’call IP Smart Terminals.